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Running to the Core Podcast

May 25, 2023

Paula Hindle Cofounded Unlocking Her Potential with Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Libby Trickett and joins Dianne to discuss their UP Mums Holistic Postnatal Program. Paula is an Holistic Physio and Women's Health coach and Yoga teacher.

Through the UP Mums Program Libby and Paula aim to provide a supportive community through their facebook membership, while helping you to enjoy Home Workouts that are Physio instructed Strength, Cardio and Core workouts.

Their membership platform is beautifully layed out with easy to access sections, including their UP Mum Chill Zone, UpMum Chats and UPMum Postnatal Yoga Series.

Libby and Paula have given a 30% discount off the full price to our listeners. Normally $149 you can use the code pregnancycentre at the checkout to buy the program for $99. 

Thank you Libby and Paula!

To head over to the program page visit Unlocking Her Potential - Programs. 

Use the code: pregnancycentre

To listen to Paula on our previous podcast together - see episode 40 on Wisdom from the Journey. 

For further information visit