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Running to the Core Podcast

Nov 26, 2022

Paula Hindle is the Cofounder of Unlocking Her Potential, an Integrative Women’s Health coach, Physiotherapist, trained in Exercise Science and a Yoga teacher.

In this podcast Paula talks about how Unlocking Her Potential came from her following promptings to step up and play big. She shares parts of her story in the journey she has been on, before and after the suicide of her late husband when her children were 2 and 4 years old. She experienced burnout, and in pursuing a deeper healing journey, she has integrated practices that she uses in her life.

She has the desire to spread the message to pregnant, postnatal and ALL women on the importance of managing stress and calming our nervous systems.

She shares some of the simple tools that can be used during your day, as well as outlining aspects of the programs that her and Libby Trickett offer, through their Rise Up Membership and the self-paced courses that they offer through Unlocking Her Potential.

To find out more about Unlocking Her Potential or to contact Paula visit the website Unlocking Her Potential  

Find Paula on Facebook at Unlock Potential with Paula Hindle

and on Instagram at  Unlocking Her Potential (@unlockingherpotential)

For more information visit The Pregnancy Centre