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Running to the Core Podcast

Aug 9, 2022

This episode explores how mSwing can help bring calming effects to the nervous system through a number of its benefits, some of which have been experienced by Dianne, podcast host. Marietta Mehanni is a fitness educator and international presenter and co-created mSwing with Physiotherapist Mark Davis. 

There are so many benefits to mSwing, using 1 dumbbell to build movement into your day.  This can have a calming effect, great for mums or anyone to use for short moments in the day, as well as for those wanting more challenge to improve mobility and fitness with 20 to 30 minute workouts.  Marietta highlights how taking some time out, even 1 to 2 minutes can help you to approach things with more clarity, which can be used as as a simple 'go to' tool to reduce the effects of stress.  

The flowing movements of mSwing help to restore the rhythm of breathing in your body, where lasting improvements can be experienced as fascia is released and expansion of your ribcage improves, making breathing feel less restricted. 

Marietta has created a 5 minute mSwing 'snack' in her Virtual Workouts with Marietta for you to try out mSwing if you haven't done it before, or so that you can do a 5 minute sequence to bring more movement into your day. Access this via Facebook:  Virtual Workouts with Marietta

To join a class via Facebook: Virtual Workouts with Marietta  

Marietta's website: Marietta Mehanni Education

For more information visit The Pregnancy Centre

For the book Replenish visit WellGrounded Life