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Running to the Core Podcast

Mar 20, 2024

Studies have shown that not all women will do their pelvic floor exercises effectively, and in fact, sometimes the muscles have been shown to be going down, instead of up, for some women.

As you can't see your pelvic floor muscles, it can be hard to tell, so when it is possible, seeking further advice from a pelvic health physiotherapist, especially if you are unsure, can help you to clarify how well you are using your muscles. 

In this solo podcast, Dianne outlines some basics that you can use as a starting point to connect to your pelvic floor awareness.  While there are many other elements around pelvic floor muscle training and fitness that can be explored and need to be considered, in this podcast you can connect to some awareness aspects as you tune into your pelvic floor in the ways suggested.

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The Pelvic Floor First website at

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