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Running to the Core Podcast

Mar 7, 2024

Often postnatal mums when asked to stand on one leg or test a lunge out for the first time, are surprised at how wobbly or unsteady they feel. As a starting point, gaining awareness, either during your pregnancy or after the birth, of your pelvis position is one step towards postnatal returning to fitness and running. 

One of my friends who returned to running triathlons after she had fully rehabilitated, had a photo taken early in the running leg and again later and the position of her pelvis when she was starting to fatigue more, was a lot more dropped from side to side with each step.

In this solo podcast Dianne runs through some simple ideas for tests to begin to regain and connect to your awareness as your body recovers from the changes that occur during pregnancy and birth. 

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The International Postnatal Return to Running Guidelines can be sourced here at Absolute Physio : returning-to-running-postnatal-guidelines.pdf (