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Running to the Core Podcast

Feb 7, 2024

After a summer pause break, Dianne returns with some solo podcasts to give practical tips for instant use. 

Being a Mum often means that you need to be in a state of awareness and alertness on what's going on in your family with your children and / or baby, a lot of the day.

Daily stressors can build up and last year in a podcast with Dr Cate Howell (number 54), on her book The Flourishing Woman, Dr Cate talked about "stress buckets".

Carrying these "stress buckets" around can lead to muscle tension, tiredness and "stress effects" when they get full to overflowing, where "one more drop" is too much.

Using breathing out as a focus during daily movement and household activities, can be one way to release some of the effects out of your body.

A colour visualisation used with a breathing out focus is one "tool" or idea Dianne talks through in this podcast, which she goes through in more detail in the Pregnancy Visualisation and Relaxation Podcast number 37. 

Having daily practices including movement and exercise are other ways of releasing tension in your body as are stretches, and relaxation and meditation practices. Having several options for you to choose from and to "Go to" can help to reduce the build up in your "stress bucket or buckets."


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