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Running to the Core Podcast

Nov 23, 2023

In this podcast Kate Thomson from The Mamas Alchemist talks about how in her role as a Registered Midwife and a Chinese Medical Practitioner, she supports women holistically during their pregnancy and after the birth.

In Chinese Medicine, the first 40 days after the birth are considered to impact the next 40 years of a mother’s life. Honoring the value of rest, harnessing support from partners, friends, family and available services and nutrition all play an essential role in postnatal recovery. 

Kate suggests from 34 weeks of pregnancy to double batch when cooking, to place one meal in the freezer to make life easier postnatally, however the quality of the food also matters. Nutrients are absorbed more easily from warmer foods such as soups, and stews, which helps healing after birth.

Replenishment and nourishment of the body between pregnancies is also an important element to consider, as is giving your body appreciation for what it has done as you move through your journey of motherhood.

Kate talks prolapse postnatally and how she uses acupuncture and herbal medicine in her role as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, highlighting too that she works collaboratively with women’s health physiotherapists, and other health professionals. She encourages pregnant mums to prepare for their postnatal recovery, and to know the value of slowing down, using horizontal time for rest as much as possible, to help give the pelvic floor and body time to heal and recover.

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