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Running to the Core Podcast

Sep 8, 2023

This is a podcast that takes a deviation from our usual focus, and explores the book Untethered, Living the digital nomad life in an uncertain world, as Dianne talks to the author Nathan James Thomas. Untethered was published earlier this year, by Exisle Publishing.

Nathan James Thomas bought a ticket for 20,000 kilometres on the Greyhound Bus network in Australia when he was seventeen years old. Over the next decade, he lived in China, Spain, Poland and Hungary, visiting and experiencing dozens of other countries along the way.

In 2014, Nathan founded the digital travel magazine Intrepid Times as a vehicle for sharing stories from the road and as an excuse to meet and interview his favourite writers. It has since grown into a thriving global community of thousands of writers and travellers.

His own travel writing has been published in places like Lonely Planet, Roads and Kingdoms and Outpost Magazine. With his two previous books, Fearless Footsteps and Travel Your Way, both published by Exisle Publishing, Nathan presents a vision of travel that is both challenging and humbling, an experience not of finding yourself, but of losing yourself.


Nathan talks about what Untethered means to him, where travel becomes not a break from life but the life itself, and the way that the digital nomad does their everyday life.

The drive to travel, and being overwhelmingly curious means that if that is the kind of person you are, a digital nomad is compelled to discover the next place. Nathan talks about the benefits he has found in building relationships over time with clients, aiming to help others learn from his experiences of being a digital nomad for nine to ten years now.

In Untethered, Nathan enables you to peak behind the curtain at the real face of the digital nomad lifestyle, having interviewed a range of people for this book. He also talks about the challenges faced by the digital nomad, and talks on the podcast about some issues that contribute to digital nomad burnout. This  book can help answer questions for those needing more guidance and insights into the digital nomad life.

Untethered is available from Exisle Publishing at, from your local and online bookstores and from The Intrepid Times at