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Running to the Core Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

Clare Hozack from IntoYou in the northern beaches of Sydney, NSW, brings her athletic background into women’s training, where she and her team approach motherhood like a sport. Clare discusses how the repetitive tasks of parenthood are trainable. Training can be modified to empower women while considering the areas of the body that are recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.

Clare talks about dis-empowerment including stories from her own personal experiences and how she carries an injury load from not having a clear pathway to follow, when she was postnatal. The framework Clare created in the 6 Step Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor Program for Mums gives clear guidelines to help guide postnatal training progressions and is available from IntoYou.

Motherhood is a physical job, needing mental and physical strength, and Clare points out the need for a rethink of our expectations and explains some examples of what she calls “next level fitness” for mums, which includes developing a strong mindset and understanding the need for rest and recovery.


To contact Clare:

For trainers

Instagram @burrell_ed_aus_nz

For mums

Instagram @intoyoulife

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For more information visit The Pregnancy Centre