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Running to the Core Podcast

May 11, 2023

Kelly Dean is the founder of The Tummy Team and a Physical Therapist with over 25 years of experience. Through finding out how to heal and recover from her own 6 finger diastasis (abdominal muscle separation), Kelly created functional core rehab programs as well as having one to one client appointments that are available internationally. 

In this podcast Kelly talks about how when postnatal mums can focus on core training and posture during daily activities, it is much easier for this to be sustainable in the recovery journey, which takes time. She and her team work with mums during pregnancy and after birth to help them set up their environment, including setting up their “feeding throne” for healthy alignment. When a mum is sitting to feed her baby every day for hours, her posture matters. It is like work, and if you were in a workplace, you would have an ergonomic set up, so taking time to set up your postnatal environment makes a difference to your early and ongoing recovery.

Kelly explains how it is necessary to build your capacity, and not just power through, ignoring the warning signs your body is giving you at your current stage of recovery. This is also important for health and fitness professionals working with postnatal mums, to help find the right amount to “put on a mum’s plate”.

Core rehab can help to build your emotional capacity as well as physical capacity and Kelly shares some of her insights in this area, including a story about a mum she saw early in the life of The Tummy Team.

She has created a number of free videos to help mums see the difference in how to move well, and not so well, and has a podcast that includes stories of women on their journey of recovery, through working with The Tummy Team.

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