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Running to the Core Podcast

Nov 10, 2022

Lara Jezeph is a Pre and Postnatal Trainer at Virtual PT based in South Australia who experienced a traumatic birth and a difficult postpartum journey. Lara sought out help and support from a range of professionals on her healing journey and she now empowers mums during and after pregnancy.  Her mission is to give mums the support and care that they need pre and post partum to function at their best. Lara talks about her challenging experiences, and about "birthing a mother" being an area that needs more focus and attention. 

Lara is launching her audio series for mums "What I wish I knew Postpartum" where she hosts expert interviews with some of the professionals she has met along her recovery journey. You can sign up for her program here, to gain access when it is live. 

To contact Lara find her on Facebook on her personal page Lara Jezeph

and on Instagram at trainvirtualpt

For more information visit