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Running to the Core Podcast

Jul 23, 2022

In the first of our 5 Minute Matters episodes, Marietta Mehanni highlights some powerful benefits of mSwing, which she co-created with Physiotherapist Mark Davis. Marietta is a fitness educator and international presenter and in the full first episode (24) she discusses the many benefits of mSwing which uses a single dumbbell and replicates a lot of movement patterns used in athletic movements. In the follow up episode Marietta talks with Dianne about the benefits on mSwing on the parasympathetic nervous system. mSwing is also a fun way to fit in more movement into your day.

Marietta has created a 5 minute mSwing 'snack' in her Virtual Workouts with Marietta for you to try out mSwing if you haven't done it before, or so that you can do a 5 minute sequence to bring more movement into your day. Access this via Facebook:  Virtual Workouts with Marietta

To join a class via Facebook: Virtual Workouts with Marietta  

Marietta's website: Marietta Mehanni Education

For more information visit The Pregnancy Centre