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Running to the Core Podcast

Aug 9, 2018

My first mSwing Experience

The first podcast of The Pregnancy Centre has been inspired by Dianne Edmonds attending a presentation by Marietta Mehanni, renowned fitness presenter from Melbourne, who received the Presenter Of The Year at Filex 2018 in Sydney. To see her in person, and to say congratulations, Dianne went to her two hour session to physiotherapists working in Women’s Health in Perth on Sunday July 29th.  Her introduction to mSwing by Marietta, gave Dianne some unexpected results, and resulted in this first podcast recording on Tuesday 31st July.

mSwing is the co-creation of Marietta Mehanni and physiotherapist Mark Davis, and is now in Dianne’s “Go to moves” to release the accumulation of fascial tension that has built up over time.
mSwing uses a single dumbbell to provide a fun, challenging and effective workout using natural, flowing movements that arc, sweep and flow through space, and is suitable for pregnant and postnatal women.

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