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Running to the Core Podcast

Jan 14, 2020

Mags O’Leary became a Personal Trainer to help her own postnatal recovery, looking for the skills to modify her training to protect her pelvic floor. Mags talks about how her body was affected by the birth of her son, and some of the unexpected complications that came following an “easy” pregnancy. After her 6 week check she started running again, only to find that she experienced leakage and then further issues arising resulting in sling surgery before her son was even 12 months old. Mags knows firsthand about the importance of trainers who can work with women specifically with their needs postnatally and also during pregnancy. Mags recently started working at Bella Femme Fitness Studio’s in Gisborne and was interviewed in December 2019. She now runs her own Personal Training Studio Strong from the Inside Out Women's Fitness.

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