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Running to the Core Podcast

May 2, 2024

This is an introduction to what is called Pregnancy Abdominal Bracing, with a short story about how one pregnant mum had less round ligament pain when walking once she learned how to do this exercise.

One of the purposes of learning pregnancy abdominal bracing is to support the weight of the uterus as your baby or babies grow during your pregnancy. Specific focus is placed on the lower parts of your abdominal muscle wall, and this can be done while you are breathing normally. 

It should never feel uncomfortable, strained, cause any pain or any feeling of it being "off" to you.

For more information read and follow the steps in the booklet by the Continence Foundation of Australia, which we assisted in developing, called Pelvic floor health for expectant and new mums.

Read pages 11 to 13 for the steps. This booklet is available as a pdf download from The Continence Foundation of Australia website.

Pelvic Floor Health for Expectant and New Mums | Continence Foundation of Australia


If you are a fitness professional, and want to know more about teaching your clients Pregnancy Abdominal Bracing there is a course called Antenatal Core Training where this is one of the main focus points.  It is available from Fitpro in the UK.

For more information visit