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Running to the Core Podcast

Aug 31, 2023

Dr Abby Halpin is a Physical Therapist and Coach, and runs Forte Performance and Physical Therapy. Abby helps musicians, instrumentalists and performers feel and sound their best.       

She also works with athletes.

With a doctorate in physical therapy and 13 years of clinical experience as a PT and personal trainer, Abby has carved out her path to include everything important – movement, music and making a difference.

Abby is the host of the Play Life Loudly Podcast. 

In this podcast Abby talks about her role in this area, working with the pressure management systems, with the different diaphragms in the body, which include the breathing diaphragm, the pelvic diaphragm and the vocal folds. 

She talks about posture and outlines ways that she works with her clients to expand their capacity and improve their range of movement in their body, where it is needed, which in turn impacts their voice.

Abby talks about how she explores inhalation and exhalation and what aspect of this might need to be worked on, and gives some "sound" examples that you can use.

As Abby is pregnant when we recorded this podcast, we also discuss some aspects of pregnancy posture and how the breath can be used during labour and birth.

To see Abby working the singer mentioned on the podcast visit. Breath.Move.Sing#15

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