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Running to the Core Podcast

Mar 24, 2023

David Greenwalt is a Certified Health Coach, fitness expert and author. In 1997 he discovered an evidence-based approach for getting off his own 50 excess pounds and keeping it off for 25 years. Since 1999, through his company Leanness Lifestyle University, David has been helping student members, from every walk of life, lose excess fat and keep the muscle.

In this podcast David talks about Emotional Fitness being one of the pillars of fitness, which has a big impact upon other areas of health including exercise and nutrition. This in turn has an effect on how we show up in our parenting, in our relationships and in our work life. 

Postnatally the lack of sleep can impact emotional fitness, as it is harder to make measured decisions when we are tired. David talks about creating support systems when they are available as a strategy for dealing with the challenges faced by new parents, and also how putting yourself on your "to do" list is super important.

One of the challenges David commonly sees people face daily is the amount of ultraprocessed foods available, and how awareness of this is one step in emotional fitness, when making food and nutritional choices for you and your children. 

He encourages you to talk to yourself with self compassion, and to not ruminate on your mistakes, and touches on another tool that helps if we 'slip' and regret our food choices. 

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