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Running to the Core Podcast

Feb 4, 2023

Alex Phillips is the co-Founder of Saint Belford and the Host of the Saint Belford podcast. She talks with Dianne about how self-care practices change with the different seasons of life, including during pregnancy and along the postnatal journey. What you put in your self-care toolkit can be adjusted over time, together with your habits and rituals.  Alex highlights how learning to surrender and adjusting priorities during this season can help, and how reframing a challenging pregnancy experience can be used to assist with the adjustment into postnatal life.

Alex talks about how using micro self-care rituals that only take one to two minutes, can compound over time, and that leveraging dead pockets of time such as when waiting for the kettle to boil provide opportunities to do this. Involving your kids in routines is another way to adapt if finding a window time for self-care practices is difficult.

Pressing the pause button through three deep breaths is one example that Alex suggests and found powerful herself, to help to calm her nervous system to show up in a calmer state to her baby. This is one suggestion that any mum or mum-to-be can use.

There is so much to remember in our days, and Alex gives tips on implementing reminders, as using only our memory is not a reliable tool. Using visual cues for prompts is one key she provides for being more consistent with the habits you want to maintain and uphold.

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In Episode 35 she talks about Gentle (but essential) reminders for mums-to-be

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