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Running to the Core Podcast

Dec 16, 2022

Marietta Mehanni has had a passion for group fitness for over 30 years and has a range of aqua education and mentoring services for fitness professionals.

In this podcast Marietta talks about the many benefits of exercising in the water for, both in a group fitness setting and when you are in the pool doing your own program.

She talks about the varying resistance that working out in the water offers, which is well suited to postnatal mums returning to fitness and progressing their training.

Aqua Gymstick is a great option as a training tool. Marietta describes this and how it can be used.

Deep water running is also a great training modality especially if you are not yet ready to run on land and Marietta highlights important postnatal considerations. 

To see Marietta on YouTube visit: Marietta Mehanni - YouTube

Visit Marietta's websites: Marietta Mehanni Education and Marietta Mehanni

For more information visit The Pregnancy Centre