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Running to the Core Podcast

Sep 13, 2022

Amy Mitchell and Laura Hill talk about the graded return to postnatal fitness and running. Amy is a women’s health and fitness coach from Goddess Outdoor Fitness and Laura is a women’s health physiotherapist at iMove Physiotherapy and The Running Room. Both work in Rozelle, in Sydney, NSW.

Amy speaks about some of the lessons she learned from her own mistakes in returning too soon to playing touch rugby after having her children. She runs group fitness programs where she can cater for individual progressions and exercise options for postnatal mums, and also provides online coaching.

Laura describes 3 stages of recovery for postnatal mums in the build up to intensity and talks about how your recovery timelines will also depend on what your fitness goals are. Rest, graded recovery, active recovery, building fundamentals and foundations are all a part of a postnatal return to fitness program.

To contact Amy visit her website:

Goddess Outdoor Fitness 

To contact Laura visit:

iMove Physiotherapy 

The Running Room

Instagram @physiohilly

For more information visit The Pregnancy Centre at